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Free Screensavers > Seasons > Autumn > 3D Gorgeous Fall Foliage Screensaver

The free 3D Fall Foliage animated screensaver lets you enjoy 3 perfect New England autumn day scenes, anytime you like! Watch as the lush forests of New England dazzle you with an unending blaze of amazing colors, sounds, and motion. It`s like having autumn at your fingertips no matter what time of the year it is! This beautiful free screensaver lets you enjoy a sunny, quiet autumn afternoon in New England. Hear the sounds of autumn, water rippling, birds chirping, and experience a New England autumn right on your own computer - anytime you like!Watch the autumn woods, a beautiful cottage, a peaceful river rippling by, leaves dancing in the air, and the boughs of a resplendent autumn tree swaying gently in the autumn breeze. And, if you watch carefully, you might just see several ducks flying high above the autumn landscape heading for their winter habitat. This free autumn screensaver also features realistic autumn colors, sounds, and motion, colorful leaves falling and dancing in the air, tree boughs swaying in the breeze, realistic river ripples and flows peacefully by a cottage, dazzling autumn colors: A perfect fall day whenever you wish, ducks flying above the lovely autumn trees, an ornate clock that displays the current time in the screensaver, and other user-configurable options. Download the free 3d Fall Foliage screensaver today!


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