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Free Screensavers > Transportation > Boats & Ships > Viking Ship 3D Screensaver

The free Viking Ship 3D Screensaver features an amazing viking ship, sailing in the open seas. Many people know the stories of the Vikings, the Scandinavian conquerors. Most of their marine journeys were made on Drakars, long narrow wooden ships with a highly lipped snout and stern. The size of these ships varied from 40 to 60 meters. A dragon head was cut into the snout and shields were placed on the boards. The ships were driven by oars and a primitive sail and their construction made it possible to gather relatively high speed which often was the main component of their success in the military campaigns of the Vikings. Install this free Viking Ship 3D Screensaver and watch the journey of one such boat on the monitor of you computer. The free Viking Ship 3D Screensaver also features nearly 20 minutes of beautiful, CD quality piano music to help set the mood, and now you can optionally add your own music tracks to help customize the screensaver even further.


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